• Representative (liaison) office services. Click here for details
    • Representing foreign businesses in Japan.
    • Acting as a communication channel between the parent company and Japanese companies.
    • Facilitating technical/financial collaborations between foreign and Japanese companies.
    • Liaising with various Government departments on behalf of the foreign entity.
  • Staffing - You can have your own staff working for you, in case you need particular tasks done on a regular basis. We can designate an individual from our own staff or recruit a new qualified person to work for you. We coordinate, oversee and validate staff's activities and should there be any problem, you can be sure we are in control, which means you are in control.
  • Branch registration - Facilitating in registration of a foreign company branch in Japan. Click here for details
  • Incorporation services - Incorporation of a new company in Japan. Click here for details
  • Address - We provide a physical registered address for the company office.
  • Local Director - When requested, we can provide a local nominee director, for incorporation or branch registration.
  • Bank Account - We can help you with opening and managing a bank account at a Japanese bank. Your nominee director has to be granted the right to operate the account. To open an account at any bank, a seal is needed, not just the signature of the representative person in charge.
  • Trade Fairs - We can be your representative delegate to trade shows and fairs in Japan.
    The most important venues are Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe in Tokyo and Intex Osaka, but there are many others too.
    We can visit the venues as your representative and talk to the exhibitors you specify, to gather the needed information for you, or to inform them about the products/services you offer.
  • Translations - We can provide Japanese - English and vice-versa translations of the correspondence with your Japanese partners, or translation of any other necessary documents. Interpreter and guide services are also available.
  • Accounting - in case you opt for setting up a branch or company rather than a liaison (representative) office, we provide the preparation and filing of annual return and the necessary accounting services. Once a year, in April, it is required to fill the tax return with the Japan Tax Office.
  • Maintenance of a Japanese website on a server, in Japan.
  • Gather Information
    The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has triggered a wave of an interest about Japan from the part of people from all over the world, through both top class technologies and as well as traditional or unorthodox business models.
    - JPA can assist those parties interested in starting a new business with Japan or those interested in gathering intelligence, know-how and information about interesting businesses implemented successfuly in Japan.
    - Translation services for tourists, dispatching individual interpreters, providing any needed service.
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rep office services Japan

Examples of Service Packages

  • Physical address in Tokyo. Fully equipped office and meeting facilities.
  • Phone number, fax number.
  • Sending & receiving faxes.
  • Communication in Japanese with the Japanese partners and in English with our clients (verbal and written).
  • Translation of the correspondence from Japanese to English and vice-versa.
  • Operation during Japan working hours.
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  • All the services listed in the Basic Package plus:
  • Active search for suitable business partners in Japan. This includes searching companies databases, consulting specialists from various firms and organizations, supporting business matching, direct contacting of companies.
  • Depending on your needs, the Representative Office can carry out activities including customer service and technical support, product development, marketing management, production management, human resource management, IT support, financial planning and other organizational activities.
  • The Representative Office can also be requested to carry out organizational structural activities, such as green field in-plant, relocate, downsize, closedown, acquisition, merger, establish a dedicated operation and the like.
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Benefits & Advantages of Our Services:

  •   Presence on the Japanese market.
  •   No need for typical investments necessary for opening an office.
  •   No need for a high monthly overheads for office expenses (like rent fee, maintenance fees, staff wages, transportation, etc.).
  •   Operation during Japan business hours, communication in both languages.
  •   In case you already have a sales representative, we can still assist you as an independent agent and observer of the market.
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About fees:

  • The following are one-time fee services:
    • Branch registration or company registration (in case you have your own local director and physical address)
    • Opening a Bank Account
    • Translations
    • Trade Fairs participation
    • Staff recruiting
    • Accounting (once a year)
  • The following Services are charged on monthly basis:
    • The Basic and Value Packages
    • Representative (liaison) office services
    • Branch registration or company registration (in case you need a local director and physical address from us)
    • Physical Address
    • Nominee Local Director
    • Maintaining a Bank Account ( the local director and physical address is provided by us)
    • Website on a server in Japan
  • Monthly fees are payable every month, every 2 or every 3 months.